The Art in the Attic show is an annual display of local artistic talent that takes place in Almonte, Ontario. Almonte is approximately 30 minutes west of Ottawa, located by taking the 417 west, past Kanata, until you reach the exit for Highway 49 (marked Almonte). Upon exiting the highway, turn left, and continue on for approximately 10 kms, until you reach the town of Almonte. Go straight through, past the Tim Horton's, until you come to the third set of lights. Turn left (Bridge Street) and continue over the bridge. The art show is in the large, heritage stone building town hall, on 14 Bridge Street, with parking at the town hall and on the surrounding streets. The art show is on the third floor (wheelchair accessible with elevator). The town of Almonte itself is worth a walkabout. The main street is Mill Street, and is about 50 feet away from the town hall where the show is being held. 

    My photos are being sold as matted and framed, or framed only numbered and signed prints. Prices are all very reasonable, $50.00 to $20.00, ranging from matted and framed 11x14 inch prints to 5x7 inch prints. 

    I am also offering greeting cards, with 25 different images to choose from.  The cards are made from a very high-quality grade stock by a producer of fine paper. The cards are on a surprisingly heavy paper, which boasts a smooth, satin finish. The interior is not laminated, so its easy to write your message on. The paper is 10% post-consumer fiber, and is acid and elemental chlorine-free.  At $3.00 each or 5 for $12.5o, you'll wonder why you pay more at the supermarket or drugstore for inferior products....consider my sustainably-sourced products, on beautiful card stock, with beautiful images!

   All framed prints are on high-gloss photo papers; seeing the images here on the website and seeing the real deal in the frame is like night and day. People who buy them continue to tell me how pleased they are to have one of my pieces in their home or office, and I love to hear these stories. It makes me feel good to know that someone looks at my work everyday and gets a lift, a happy feeling from having my work in their lives. Pleasant and provocative images feed our spirits in this rushed and disjointed world. Consider having a piece of art that makes you stop and feel better for a moment each time you see it. All pieces are signed as 1/10, so if I get struck by lightening, hang on to that $20.00 art investment!
    After seeing the show, there are a number of restaurants doing lunch and dinner menus on Mill Street,  including the outstanding and eclectic Cafe Postino, among the main street. Palms Coffee shop also offers outstanding coffees and sandwiches, full free WiFi for customers, and a very pleasant atmosphere to sit and relax. Down the street are more amazing restaurants (Mill Street Crepe Company, Heirloom Cafe Bistro and the utterly amazing Foodies, nest to ) offering haute and original, superb fare. Baker Bob's bakery and candy store is definately worth a visit when walking down Mill Street. The Robin's Nest offers excellent fare up at Mill and Bridge Streets as well.

    Besides restaurants that will really impress you, there is all manner of shopping on Mill Street as well. Antique stores, an indoor shopping gallery where the Mill Street Crepe Company is located. Vamos Outdoor Clothing is a huge pull for shoppers, being like a small version of Mountain Equipment Coop in Almonte.

    All the restaurants and stores I mention here are a five minute stroll up and down Mill Street, which is a few moments walk from the art show on Bridge Street. You can make a really nice afternoon of it.

    So, its worth the drive to come visit Almonte. There are things to see, art to buy!, shops to explore and good food to eat. Seriously, why do you think I look like a retired linebacker gone to seed? Its the restaurants out here......

    I plan to be there at the opening on Friday night, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. for the artist meet-and-greet. I'll be in and out during the weekend as well. If you make it out for the visit, I'm fairly certain you'll be glad you did.

    All the best,

    Chris Kiez


25/04/2012 10:22

Excellent! Thank you

Chris Kiez
10/06/2012 02:39

Hey, very welcome!


You shared well info regarding Art in the Attic. I am school principle and I have selected to use the “Nelson-Atkins Museum” as our motivation at this season. I always try to feature a well-known artist every month.

17/09/2015 08:56

This is an excellent post regarding Attic Art. I just say that lots of art projects your kid would raise their information on art history along with prominent artists through the ages.


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