The Art in The Attic 2012 show opened last night at the Town Hall, 14 Bridge Street in Almonte. A number of people showed up for the opening, which included free wine and cheese and live musicians playing Celtic themed music. The artwork on display involved a number of styles, as well as profiling some very talented local youth.

    As concerns my framed photos, six pieces went, so now when I gas up today, I can afford a luxury wash with hot-wax, instead of the usual econo-wash! Living large...

    About half of the greeting cards I had made up also sold. I had about 25 of my images on greeting cards. If you want blank greeting cards with my unique images for less than store prices, check out this link and order online. Its a quick, painless method, and the price includes shipping.

    Just click on any picture you like, and then click on the tab that interests you (greeting card, post card, framed print, laminated print, poster, etc). The prices are immediately displayed and are as good as anything you'll get at the big box stores.

    Two more days to sell the rest of my work. If anyone from platoon is reading this--there isn't--but if anyone is, if I don't come in on Monday, its because I sold everything and now I can retire. Actually, on annual leave on Monday. Don't replace me just yet, no matter how badly you may want to.

    All the best,



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    Chris Kiez, a hardcore photographer since the 80's, learned to take a picture before the age of selfies and cell phone photography, training on mechanical cameras and film. After years of taking photos of all manner of subjects and people, he did over a 10 year stint as a crime scene photographer on two continents. Now, he does portrait and landscape photos, and is currently distressing the world with his relentlessly, excruciatingly boring blogging. To buy what you see on this site, click here!


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